C R E W 

Crew Schedule
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Crew registration for, 
will be open
August 05 - October 24, 2020

Crew & Stage Management



Registration Fee: $25.00 Covers the cost of a production t-shirt and award. 

Registration fees must be paid in full either online or at the check in desk, no later than the Dry Tech Rehearsal. 
(cash, check or card: there will be a $5.00 service charge for all card transactions). 



All crew members must be available and able to attend a crew only rehearsal in addition to ALL technical/ dress rehearsals and performances (see breakdown)


Participants who would like to register after the cut off will be charged a $10.00 late fee in addition to the registration fee to cover: administrative costs. After the cut off date, interested parties must email us at oregoncity.childrenstheatre@gmail.com


Crew Positions

The number of individuals we need to fill our booth and stage crew vary from show-to-show. 

Participants interested in working on the crew must be 12+ years old. Individuals who meet the age requirement need to fill out a registration form online. Prior experience aside, all registrants will have a place on our crew. 



Applicants must be, at least, 13+ old and have participated in a minimum of one production with OCCT. Each production we select one individual who is: task oriented, organized, communicative and interested in stage managing. The position is a time commitment and applicants must be able to attend the following events: tech week and all performances. Applicants should have open availability for rehearsals, but OCCT can work around minimal conflicts. 

RUNNING CREW (backstage):

The running crew makes up the majority of our crew. These individuals are orchestrating the scene changes during the show and moving set pieces from one location to another. Before the show begins they're reporting to the stage manager, checking that set pieces and props are in the correct place and helping with general setup around the house. Being a part of the running crew requires: patience, focus and the ability to follow directions. 

TECHNICAL CREW (Light Board/ Sound Board/ Microphone/ Spotlight Operators):

The technical crew, in comparison is a crew of three-four individuals. During the run of the show there will be one individual running the light board, sound board, spotlight and microphone panel. The space holding this equipment is very small and will not hold more than three people comfortably. These positions are highly technical and assigned on a seniority basis to participants who have previously worked on our running or booth crews. Being a part of the booth crew is for individuals with high attention spans, quick reflexes and the ability to follow directions. 

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