P O L I C I E S  A N D  P R O C E D U R E S

Policies and Procedures
Oregon City Children's Theatre is a recognized non-profit corporation in the state of Oregon. The theatre has enacted by-laws by which the Board of Directors must comply. The Board of Directors, the founder, and the majority of OCCT staff are volunteers to the organization. However, liability to both the state and federal governments must be observed and noted.

The OCCT Board of Directors has collectively established this list of obligations of both the staff and participants of OCCT by which we expect all to be duly informed and comply.

These by-laws apply to all OCCT Staff, participants, performers, parents/ guardians and volunteers.


"Dedicated to the Drama Dreams of Our Children"


Policies and Procedures

Drafted May 6, 2010 (Updated February 28, 2018)


Audition/ Casting Method

The majority of OCCT production casting is done with a "cast all" policy. All interested participants must pre-register online to participate. On the posted date and time of auditions all those registered will come forward and have an opportunity to audition for the show.

In the rare circumstance that a role is offered to an individual and accepted prior to the posted audition date and time

it will be made known that role is no longer available by the time registration opens to the public. 

If by the end of a production's audition none of the registered participants are deemed able to play a particular role, for whatever artistic reason, the role may be offered to an individual who was not previously registered for that show.


In 2009 OCCT put together their first precast production: The Breakfast Club. Five actors who had previously performed with our group were invited and offered specific roles in the show, in which they all accepted. Our production of The Breakfast Club is, to date, the smallest cast we have ever had. In 2016 OCCT put together a precast production of You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown which was primarily comprised of adults and teenagers. These shows are closed to public registration. Precast productions will be announced with the rest of our season.  


Building Protocol

OCCT has been granted use of the Beavercreek Grange for all rehearsals, performances and camps. ALL grounds, buildings and equipment in and around any location OCCT has access to will remain undisturbed. Anyone witnessing any form of vandalism shall report to an OCCT staff member immediately! All reports shall remain confidential.

All participants are expected to remain on the property at all times (this includes going to the Beavercreek store) without permission and/ or supervision. 

A. No cast/ crew members, under the age of 21, are allowed to walk to the store across the street

unless they're accompanied by a 21+ parent or staff member. 

B. No cast/ crew members scheduled to rehearse after 12:00pm on a Saturday rehearsal, regardless of age,

should leave the venue to pick up/ go out for lunch (lunches should be delivered by a parent or brought from home).

They may walk to the store across the street, so long as they meet the requirements (see Rule A). 


Code of Conduct 

These policies and procedures have been approved by the OCCT Board of Directors. In accordance with our corporations mission and by-laws. Should a behavior occur that is in opposition of OCCT policies and procedures the following steps will be taken: 

1. The participant in question, and the parent/ guardian, if participant is a minor, shall be contacted by the OCCT board in accordance with the conflict resolution policy. 

2. The behavior shall be discussed and a resolution will be proposed.

3. Should the participant, and the parent/ guardian, if participant is a minor, agree with the proposed resolution and act duly upon it then the matter will be considered resolved.

4. Should the participant, and the parent/ guardian, if participant is a minor, disagree with the proposed resolution and choose to neither propose a counter action or follow through with the necessary steps to resolve the situation the participant, and parent/ guardian, if the participant is a minor, are choosing to discontinue their current and future involvement with OCCT.


Conflict Resolution 

Should conflict arise, OCCT staff, volunteers, participants and the general community need to report the incident, in person, to the nearest OCCT staff member. The following steps are to be determined depending on whether the conflict has a risk of impending harm to any of those involved:

A. Should the conflict INCLUDE the risk of harm
A representing board member shall immediately contact all involved parties to gather information and resolve the conflict if possible.

BShould the conflict NOT INCLUDE the of risk harm
The problem will be presented at the next OCCT Board of Directors meeting. The board shall determine conflicts on a case-by-case basis. Conflicts will be dealt with either by immediate intervention or if and when that participant chooses to register for another OCCT production and/ or camp. 


Drop Off/ Pick Up Protocol 


On the first day of camp parents/ legal guardians will need to park and get in line to fill out paper work at the sign in table. The rest of the week parents/ guardians will be asked to use our "drive around drop off/ pick up"system due to our limited parking space. Campers must be signed in at drop off in the mornings and signed out in the afternoon at pick up by a parent/ legal



The safety of the children who participate with OCCT is of up-most priority. When registering for an OCCT production or camp parents are asked to "sign" a security release based on the age(s) of their performer(s). Self transportation refers to a performer's ability to sign themselves and their siblings In and Out without a parent present at the front desk. Performer's under the between the ages of 13-18 although they are able to sign out for themselves, their ride must be present and visible to a parent/ staff member before they will be allowed to leave the building. Our policy is as follows: 

A. A child under 13 years old will not be approved, by OCCT, for self transportation.

B. A child that is 13+ years old is approved for self transportation: signing themselves in/ out of the check in desk without a parent/guardian present

C. If at least one sibling from a family of participants is 13+ years old they are approved for self-transportation: signing themselves, and their siblings, in and out at the registration desk without a parent/ guardian present.


Every family is expected and required to raise $100.00 by participating in our production fundraiser. Families will be presented with two fundraising options to raise the money or they can choose to pay the amount out of pocket. 

Families will not be eligible to purchase tickets to any given performance until their fundraising obligation has been fulfilled (attempts to purchase tickets will be denied and refunded).

In the circumstance that a family fails to pay the fundraising fee before a production has closed that family will NOT be eligible to register for future OCCT productions. A family may participate again if they agree to pay the registration fee AND previous owed fundraising fee, in full, at the time of check in on the night of auditions (this does not exempt the family from the current productions fundraiser). 


Liability Release

OCCT is a nonprofit organization here for the benefit of the community. All participants, adult or minor, understand that although every care will be taken to avoid and prevent injuries or an accident, if it should occur, OCCT is not liable.

Lost and Found Protocol

All items collected during the rehearsal and performance period of a production or camp will be kept in a container clearly marked "Lost and Found." Items collected shall be kept for 30 days after the cast party or closing performance of a camp. After 30 days the items will be: thrown away, donated or kept at OCCT's discretion. 

Lost/ Damaged OCCT Hair/ Makeup tools

In the event a performer OR volunteer should lose, misplace, break or damage any of the hair or makeup tools checked out to them during the course of the production that family will be held responsible to pay the amount required to replace the lost/ damaged item(s)

Media Release

Any photos/ videos taken of you and/ or your child during any OCCT productions, camps or other events may be used for publicity at our discretion. Online media includes, but is not limited to: Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Instagram and our website. 

Performers Under the Age of 7 (5-6 year olds)

OCCT does not have the necessary staff on hand to compensate for the increased supervision of 5-6 year old participants.
In addition to fulfilling the 14 hour minimum Saturday Work Party requirement and attending and actively assisting with: The Parent Meeting, Set Load In, The Fundraiser, Set Breakdownparticipants under the age of 7 are required to have a parent/ guardian present for the entirety of the rehearsals their performer is a part of. In addition a parent/ guardian will need to be backstage through the entirety of every tech rehearsal and performance to watch and tend to the child as needed.

In the circumstance another participant under the age of 7 registers for the current production, the families can agree to share the responsibility of attending rehearsals/ additional tech rehearsals and performances. These arrangements must be cleared with an OCCT staff administrator. 

Refund Policy 
Crew members for both camp and productions are not eligible for any type of refund. 


1. Full Refund - Cancellations must be made known no later than 12:00pm Monday, 7 days, before camp:
Minus the non refundable $5.00 service charge and $15.00 t-shirt fee.

2. 50% Refund Participants must notify a staff member no later than 4:00pm on the first day of camp: 
Minus the non refundable $5.00 service charge and $15.00 t-shirt fee.
$115.00/ 2 = $57.50-$20.00 = $37.50 (Approximate 1st camper refund)
$80.00/ 2 = $40.00-$20.00 = $20.00 (Approximate 2nd+ camper refund)

3. No Refund - Participants who notify a staff member anytime after 4:00pm on the first day of camp.


1. Full Refund - Participants must notify a staff member no later than 5:00pm the Sunday following auditions:
Minus the $25.00 t-shirt/ award fee and any service charges.

$100.00 - $25.00 = $75.00 (Approximate 1st performer refund)
$75.00 - $25.00 = $50.00 (Approximate 2nd+ performer refund)

3. No Refund - Participants who notify a staff member anytime after 5:00pm the Sunday following auditions.

Registration Fees


The registration fee of $115.00 must be paid at the time of online registration. Camp registration fees cover the cost of camp: scripts, t-shirts, the pizza party, contractors and the remaining funds are put towards the next production.


The registration fee of $100.00 must be paid in full at the time of check in on the night of auditions (cash or check only).

Registration fees for all productions are used to cover building overhead and all production costs: set materials, costume pieces, props, paint, contractors etc. It also covers the cost of a participant t-shirt and award.

Should Families who may not be able to afford the registration costs have the option to pay the owed amount by raising the funds through our production fundraiser in addition to the $100 each family is expected to raise during the fundraiser. 



OCCT does not offer scholarships, but does offer a discounted rate for families registering more than one participant. The family will pay full price for the first child and $75.00/ child after the first (production) and ($80.00/ child after the first (camp).
(Only children under the same legal guardianship are eligible for this discount). 


Participants who would like to register after the cut off date for a production or camp will be charged a $20.00 late fee (Crew will be charged $10.00) in addition to the registration fee to cover: administrative costs. After the cut off date, interested parties must email us directly at oregoncity.childrenstheatre@gmail.com


Parents who volunteer to be one of our production team leaders, during one of our productions, will be rewarded with a $25.00 total registration cost for their performer to cover their cast t-shirt and award. These positions require more than the required hours at our Saturday work parties, technical rehearsals and performances. (In the circumstance the production team lead is registering more than one performer the cost would be $75.00/ each performer after the first). Seniority of these positions will be given to families who have participated with OCCT in the past. 

This position doesn't omit any family from participating in the fundraiser. 



Rehearsal/ Performance Protocol

At least, one member of the OCCT Board of Directors will be present at all rehearsals and events to assist: parents, volunteers, performers, community and production staff as liaison. The director, should the director also be a member of the OCCT Board of Directors, is not be considered an OCCT liaison during the period of a production. All questions, comments and concerns should be addressed to the OCCT staff liaison. That individual must report back to the director of the production and the Board of Directors. 

1. Be on Time:

Individuals who are late, to any rehearsal, will be flagged and sent home with a letter discussing the importance of timeliness. Exclusion from any missed scene, dance number or song due to tardiness or a conflict not mentioned on the registration form, will be held at the discretion of the artistic staff member teaching at that time. 

If a cast or crew member is late to any dress rehearsal/ performance their costume/ head set will be held by a staff member until they've spoken to the Director about their tardiness. 

2. Be Prepared:

Performers should always wear non restrictive clothing and tennis shoes to allow for physical movement/ dancing (no sandals or open toed shoes. All skirts/ dresses must have shorts/ leggings underneath) during rehearsals. They should always bring their script, a pencil, a water bottle and a snack to rehearsal (on Saturday's they will need to bring a sack lunch).

A. No cast/ crew members, under the age of 21, are allowed to walk to the store across the street unless they're accompanied by a 21+ parents or staff member.

B. No cast/ crew members scheduled to rehearse after 12:00pm on a Saturday rehearsal, regardless of age, should leave the venue to pick up/ go out for lunch (lunches should be delivered by a parents or brought from home). They may walk to the store across the street, so long as they meet the requirements (see Rule A).  



Performers Friendships/ relationships are important to our theatre, but any form of PDA between individuals under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited while on OCCT grounds (Individuals 21+ are expected to remain modest in regards to PDA). 



In the event that a cast/ crew member becomes ill during the rehearsal phase of the production, please keep them at home until they've recovered. 

In the event that a cast/ crew member becomes ill and is exhibiting any symptoms (a 101+ fever, vomiting, diarrhea) between the 1st tech rehearsal and the closing matinee they are REQUIRED to stay home until they've regained FULL HEALTH (maintaining a temperature below 99 degrees for a MINIMUM of 24 hours).

The individual and parent/ guardian then must speak with the director of the current production and be deemed "performance capable/ ready" by him/ her in order to perform. If individuals have missed multiple tech rehearsals due to illness the director may require a private rehearsal with the individual before they can perform in any given performance. 



We are not permitting any non-cast members to sit in on rehearsals. Young performers, especially novice, are easily distracted when their parents or others are watching during the early stages of the rehearsal process.

We ask that parents/ guardians who aren't working on production elements (painting, construction, etc.) during rehearsal drop off your performer(s) and come back when rehearsal is over. If a parent/ guardian would like to stay through the duration of rehearsal they will be asked to hangout in a designated area in the dinning hall.




Volunteer Requirements

Each participant/ family of participants is required to attend and work the following events:

In the circumstance that a family is NOT fulfilling these requirements they will be given ONE "WARNING" during the course of the production. Should they fail to complete the requirements that family will be DENIED the opportunity to participate in future productions. 



Paperwork regarding the fundraiser, volunteer hours and all other production information will be handed out and discussed at this meeting. Parents are expected to meet and coordinate with their production team leaders during the last portion of the meeting.



Individuals actively assist in mounting the set, painting and getting the space ready for opening night. 


An 18+ year old representative must sign up and actively work to help with setup, cooking, serving and clean up at our fundraiser dinner. This requirements is mandatory regardless of the method your family selected to complete the fundraising obligation. 


An 18+ year old representative must sign up and actively work exactly half of the dates available (eg. 2/4) of the technical rehearsals. Positions will be assigned by the OCCT administrative staff based on past experience and need.


An 18+ year old representative must sign up and actively work exactly half of the dates available (eg. 3/6) of the performances. Positions will be assigned by the OCCT administrative staff based on past experience and need. On any given night the parent volunteer scheduled to work is NOT permitted to watch the performance. Families will need to plan on attending and watching performances on days they're not working backstage.

As of 2018 OCCT has reverted to scheduling parents to work the entirety of either opening or closing weekend rather than any combination of performances. This simplifies scheduling/ job assignments in addition to creating a consistency throughout the weekend.


Following the closing matinee, at least one 18+ volunteer from each family will actively assist in breaking down the set, putting all production pieces away and restoring the venue back to it's primary state. Following set breakdown is our Case and Crew party potluck!


An 18+ representative from each family must sign up and actively work a minimum of 14 hours (volunteers of a younger age will be approved on a case-by-case basis). There are between 6-8 Saturday work parties from 9:00am-4:00pm and volunteers can break up the required hours over as many or as little Saturday's as they like. During registration you will select a production team: costumes, props, painting, publicity or set construction and work alongside that group during work parties.