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audition faq


Q. What should I wear?

A. All participants should come wearing comfortable clothing they can move in. Be prepared to crawl, skip or roll around on the floor if asked. Shorts or leggings under dresses and skirts are a must! If you own tennis shoes, wear them! No open toed, slip on shoes or UGGs allowed.

Q. How long is the audition?


A. The audition is approximately 3-4 hours and all registered participants should prepare to stay the entire duration. If for any reason a participant will need to leave early they should let a staff member know in advance. Sometimes we will release the majority of the group and hold a few performers back a bit longer to conclude if we need them to re-read something. 

Q. How does it work? Do I audition by myself?


A. The short answer is no! Participants will be given a "number" to wear during the audition and line up numerically when the auditions begin. All show participants will audition in the room together simultaneously. Participants are encouraged to step out of the line when it is there turn to introduce them self and/ or read for one of the characters. There are times when some individuals will be pulled out of the group to read something by themselves or opposite another performer. This style of audition creates a comfortable and lighter atmosphere for all performers novice or not. 

Q. Do I have to sing or dance?


A. If the production is a musical, yes! All participants will be asked to sing 15-30 seconds of song of their choosing acapella (without accompaniment/ music). Song selections must be from a  musical or a Disney film. DO NOT pick a song from the show you're auditioning for! 
Participants who choose to opt out of singing will NOT be considered for characters vocal solos/ duets in the show. Participants can also choose to sing "Happy Birthday" or "Row, Row, Row Your Boat".
Not always, but sometimes our choreographer will teach all the participants 1-2 eight counts to see how each of the performer's move and their overall coordination. Sometimes we will run the performers through movement exercises when their are particular styles or animals in a show to see who can really embody what we're looking for in a particular character. 

Q. How can I prepare for the audition?


A. One of the first things EVERY participant will be asked to do is to state their: name, age, the number they were given and something interesting about themselves in a loud, clear and creative way! This can be practiced at home with mom and dad or even in the mirror! 

In addition to your initial introduction, participants who ready for character work and interested in larger roles should spend some time working on the audition sides which will be emailed to families a week prior to the audition.
We're not looking for participants who are memorized, but familiar with the sides and have made some clear choices about characters.

Q. Are any of the roles pre-cast?


A. If This doesn't happen often, but in the case a role is offered to a performer prior to the start of a production it will be clearly noted on the auditions page before registration has opened. 

Q. Can parents watch the audition?


A. Yes! Parents/ guardians can decide, after completing sign in whether they'd like to stay and watch or come back for pickup when auditions have concluded. 

Q. Do I need to bring my resume or contrasting monologues?


A. NO! Although this is a requirement for most other theatre companies. We do not ask or want resumes or head shots and there will not be an opportunity to showcase any monologues or audition pieces you may have prepared.