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Interested in getting your child involved in our program? See our Auditions page for more information!

Backstage/ Booth Crew
Interested in working on the backstage or booth crew running lights and sound? Click here for more information and a rehearsal calendar!  

Policies and Procedures
Have questions regarding OCCT operating policies, protocol or activity costs and discounts? See our Policies and Procedures Protocol!


audition faq


Q. How long is the audition?


A. The audition length varies from show to show, but always falls between 2-4 hours. 

Q. Do I have to audition by myself?


A. Technically, no! All participants will be in the room auditioning together. This style of audition creates a comfortable and lighter atmosphere for all performers novice or not. Our goal is to encourage participation in theatre and not allow the fear of the audition process withhold potential participation! 

Q. Do I have to sing or dance?


A. Technically, no! No one will be forced to sing during the audition if they do not want to, but everyone will have the opportunity to showcase their vocals. Audition choreography isn't always a part of the OCCT audition, but participants will know in advance of the audition whether or not to prepare for it. More information regarding musical auditions can be found on our cast page following registration! 

Q. What should I do to prepare for the audition?


A. This answer also varies from show to show and specific details will be available on the cast page following production registration. Generally, you'll want to spend some time working on: making specific character choices to implement, memorizing the audition sides, learning the audition choreography and working on the accent/ dialect, when applicable! 

We do not want or require: monologues, vocal arrangements, head shots or resumes 


Q. Are any of the roles pre-cast?


A. This isn't an often occurrence with OCCT, but if we do pre-cast any roles this is advertised prior to registration for that production. 

Q. Can parents/ guardians watch the audition?


A. Parents and Guardians are welcome to stay for the audition or come back for pick-up afterward. 

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