All OCCT shows and activities starting May, 2022 masks will be optional complying with the lifted mask mandate in the state of Oregon. However, OCCT reserves the right to re-mandate masks within our premises at any time.
Individuals who aren't comfortable complying with the possible reinstation of masks are advised not participate in or attend OCCT activities for the foreseeable future. 


Interested in getting your child involved in our program? See our Auditions page for more information!

Policies and Procedures
Have questions regarding OCCT operating policies, protocol or activity costs and discounts? See our Policies and Procedures Protocol!


Participation Cost: $35 (per crew member)

Registration fee includes: a production t-shirt and an engraved award 

Participation requirements and schedule breakdown PDF

Crew Positions:

The number of individuals we need to fill our booth and stage crew vary from show-to-show. 

Prior experience aside, all participants who meet the age requirement have a place on our crew. Interested parties must fill out a registration form to join. 


Stage Manager: (ages 13+)

For this position applicants must have participated in a minimum of one other OCCT production. For each show we select one individual who is: task oriented, organized, communicative and interested in stage managing. The position is a time commitment! Applicants are expected to attend weekly rehearsals in addition to all of the tech/ dress rehearsals and performances. We will work around minimal conflicts for weekly rehearsals. 

Tech/ Booth Crew: (ages 12+)

The tech or booth crew is made up of 3-4 individuals running the light board, sound board, microphones and for some productions, the spotlight. Our tech booth is very small, so we do not advise any interested parties who may be claustrophobic to apply. These positions are highly technical and PRECISELY TIMED. They are granted to participants on a seniority basis to participants who have previously worked on our crew and shown they can manage their workload and are dependable and alert during the run of a show. Being a part of the booth crew is for individuals with high attention spans, quick reflexes and the ability to follow directions precisely. 

Stage/ Running Crew: (ages 10+)

The stage or running crew are the group of individuals orchestrating the scene changes during the show and moving set pieces from one location to another. Often we also have some of the cast members help out when our pieces out number our stage hands. During pre-show the crew reports to the stage manager (SM) and check their pre-show lists to verify every set piece and prop is precisely where it needs to be at the top of the show. They also assist with other general duties in the house like handing out programs, sweeping and vacuuming the areas the audience traverses. Being a part of the stage crew requires: patience, focus and the ability to follow directions.