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Interested in getting your child involved in our program? See our Auditions page for more information!
Auditions FAQ
All of your questions about what to expect at an OCCT audition and how to prepare answered here!


Policies & Procedures
Have questions regarding OCCT operating policies, protocol or activity costs and discounts? See our Policies and Procedures Protocol!
All OCCT shows and activities starting May, 2022 masks will be optional complying with the lifted mask mandate in the state of Oregon. However, OCCT reserves the right to re-mandate masks within our premises at any time.
Individuals who aren't comfortable complying with the possible reinstation of masks are advised not participate in or attend OCCT activities for the foreseeable future. 
In the event of mask reinstation performer's will wear a "clear mask pro" (pictured above) for rehearsals and performances, unless otherwise advertised. 



Oregon City Children's Theatre supports a:
Cast All Policy 

Anyone who registers is guaranteed a role in the show regardless of experience!


CREW Cost Breakdown  (ages 10+)
The registration cost includes a production t-shirt and an engraved award for every participant! The remaining funds go towards production itself: costumes, fabric, props, paint, building materials, lighting equipment, microphones etc. 

$100 Registration Fee (per participant)
As of Fall 2022 OCCT is now paying a building rental fee for rehearsals and performances. Along with this change we have adjusted our crew participation fee to support these new costs.
Tickets to the production are not included in the cost of registration. 


The number of individuals we need to fill our booth and stage crew vary from show-to-show. No experience is necessary! Similar to casting a production our crew registrants will be "cast" into either the tech/ booth crew or the backstage/ running crew. Assignments will be made during the crews first rehearsal once we've had a chance to meet them and determine their strengths as individuals! 

All crew member's must be able to attend every technical, dress rehearsal and performance to participate.

Stage Manager

Typically, a stage manager is at every production rehearsal from the beginning. Whereas the remainder of the crew starts attending rehearsals just three weeks before opening. Individuals interested in tackling a stage manager position must be: task oriented, organized and communicative. During the early stages of production a stage manager sits in on blocking rehearsals to take blocking and technical notes. A stage manager should know the show just as well as the actors and director do! Once we hit tech week the stage manager is responsible for "calling" the production. A stage manager calls a show by cueing the light op, sound op and spotlight operators when to take their cues within the run of the show. 

Tech/ Booth Crew

The tech or booth crew is made up of 3-5 individuals who run the light board, sound board, microphones and spotlight. It's important we have responsible individuals on the tech crew because they are working with sensitive and pricey equipment. Tech crew must be: attentive, dependable and willing to follow directions. 

Stage/ Running Crew: 

The stage (running) crew are the individuals responsible for orchestrating the scene changes that occur throughout a stage production. Scene changes usually consist of moving set pieces, furniture and keeping track of all the prop movement during the run of a show. During pre-show the stage crew reports to the stage manager (SM) and check their pre-show lists to verify every set piece and prop is precisely where it needs to be at the top of the show. Being a member of the stage crew requires: patience, focus, independent work ethic and the willingness to follow directions. 

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