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OCCT Policies
May 6, 2010 - First Drafted
August 03, 2023 - Last Update

Oregon City Children's Theatre is a recognized non-profit corporation in the state of Oregon. OCCT has enacted by-laws in accordance with our corporations mission by which the OCCT Board of Directors must comply. The Board of Directors, the founder, and the majority of OCCT staff are volunteers to the organization. However, liability to both the state and federal governments must be observed and noted.

The OCCT Board of Directors has collectively established this list of obligations of both the staff and participants of OCCT by which we expect all to be duly informed and comply. These by-laws apply to all OCCT staff, participants, performers, parents/ guardians and volunteers.




The majority of OCCT productions adhere to a "cast all" policy and require a completed registration, unless otherwise advertised. In the rare circumstance a role is offered to and accepted by an individual the role(s) will be advertised as unavaible prior to registration opening. CASTING DEFFERAL If by the end of a production's audition none of the registered participants are deemed able to play a particular role, for whatever artistic reason, the role may be offered to an individual who was not previously registered for that show.


CAST & CREW - Be prepared. Be on time. Be willing. PARENTS/ GUARDIANS - Rehearsals are closed to parents/ guardians and all parties not working on the production. Most performers do their best work when they aren't being observerd by spectators. Young and often novice performers are easily distracted when being watched and/ or they're unwilling to step out of their comfort zone and commit to a character choice.


MAINSTAGE SHOWS - Participants are eligible for a full refund minus all processing fees and a $25.00 administrative fee, if they give notice of their intent to withdraw, at least, 48 hours (Monday-Friday during business' hours) prior to the first date of production (typically auditions). Participants must contact us prior to the stated deadline to receive the refund offer. Most refunds are issued as a credit to the card on file or mailed. The refund process may take up to two weeks. Participants who withdraw after the notice window, regardless of their registration date, are not eligible for a refund. CAMPS/ CLASSES - All sales are final. Situantionally, a full refund minus a $45 processing fee is available in the circumstance the roster is full and a child on the waiting list is able to fill their place. If a child is unable to attend or complete the activity due to illness a doctor's note is required within 48 hours for a pro-rated refund, minus a $45 processing fee. Requests received after camp has concluded will not be granted. There are no refunds for missed days due to changed work or vacation schedules, sick days or other non-emergency reasons. TICKETS - OCCT does not offer refunds except in the extreme event a show is cancelled.


All participants and their guardians will be asked to sign a code of conduct contract. The contracts sole purpose is to encourage safe and positive behavior keeping everyone accountable for that actions. PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTION PDA is not permitted. We ask that adults keep their PDA, strictly PG. BULLYING Behaviors involving physical harm, bullying, intimidate or any combination of the three will not be tollerated and should be reported to an adult, immediately. Depending on the offense the following actions may occur in responses: a single warning, a call home followed by a meeting with the patricipants and their guardians, the loss of "self-management" privelages backstage and the requirement of adult supervision at all times, disctontinument in future OCCT productions and/ or immediate dissmissal from the current production.


Participants and their guardians may be held financially responsible for the loss and/ or damage of Oregon City Children's Theatre property and equipment caused by themselves or their participant(s), accidental or otherwise. The damages and/ or loss of OCCT property or equipment may include financial reimbursement at the current market value of the damaged or lost item(s). Failure to satisfy this agreement will result in denied future participation with Oregon City Children's Theatre and/ or expulsion from the current production.


Participants who become ill may not attend production events until they remain symptom free with a temperature below 99 degrees, for a minimum of twenty-four hours. Should a cast or crew member become ill during the mandatory dates phase of production, they must comply with the 24 hour symptom free rule before they may return. Illness during the mandatory phase may result in the participant sitting out on the remaining performances until they have been cleared and deemed "performance ready," by the director, both in their health and the production content.


Any items in the lost and found, or as we like to call it, The "Missplaced and Unclaimed" will be held for 30 days following the conclusion of any class, camp or production before it is donated or throw away.


All productions, camps and classes starting May, 2022 masks will be optional complying with the lifted mask mandate in the state of Oregon. However, OCCT reserves the right to re-mandate masks (covering both the nose and mouth) within our premises at any time. Individuals who aren't comfortable complying with the possible reinstation of masks are advised not participate in or attend OCCT activities for the foreseeable future.

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