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Learn how YOU 
can make a difference
in YOUR community! 

Send us an email to see how you get involved in our upcoming camps, classes and productions! 


Any and all donations, big or small make a large impact for non-profit organizations. Every penny counts!
Scholarship Fund
Contribute to our "scholarship fund" and give a child the opportunity to participate who may not otherwise have the resources to do so. 

support us

Support the Arts!

Learn how you can make a difference in keeping the performing arts alive and accessible to all in Clackamas County! Oregon City Children's Theatre is a 501-C-3 Non Profit Organization. All donations may be tax deductible. 


Recycle by donating your Bottle Drop Balance OR contact us to pickup an OCCT blue bag. DONATE BALANCE: Fill a Green Bag with cans and bottles and drop it off at your local Bottle Drop location. Once the funds appear in your bottle drop account access the OCCT bottle drop page and click "Donate Now" ​BLUE BAGS: Request, Collect and Drop Off. Once your blue bag is full, attach the label and drop it off at your Bottle Drop location of choice!


Connect your Fred Meyer rewards card and start earning non profit rewards in addition to your personal reward benefits! FM makes quarterly donations to non-profits when you shop! Organization Number: 86338


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